Rock Solid Investments

There is a lot of buzz online and in the media about the current state of investments – many are tuned in to the latest news about the state of the stock market and the housing market, the foundational investments that have been paving the road to riches and to long-term financial security. Although I sympathize with those who have suffered loss during the events of recent months, and my family has not been untouched by them, I choose to focus on my Rock Solid Investments, rather than dwell on the losses from the speculative ones.

You may be asking yourself how any investment can be rock solid. Well, that is a great question! You may need to change your perspective to succeed with the following investments; the yields from rock solid investments cannot be measured in currency. Although they may not produce immediate, short term gain, they most definitely generate long term, eternal abundance.

Here are my Rock Solid Investment Tips***

Invest your time into people – family, friends, children, service. The following time investments have proved to produce a great return for me:

– Homeschooling my 2 daughters
– Teaching Sunday school, AWANA, and coordinating VBS
– Mentoring and tutoring Theresa
– Supporting friends and family in times of joy and trials
– Helping members grow their property management companies through use of technology
– Helping multiple small business owners use Infusionsoft to establish marketing automation and grow their revenues

Invest your money into charitable causes.

– Missionaries who teach the Good News
– Fighting Disease, for example the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
– Feeding the Hungry, for example Feed My Starving Children
– Helping the Jobless, for example Josh!)
– Improving the World Economy, for example, Save the Children, Technology for Education

Invest your talents into building up the organizations you participate in and into helping others succeed. Consider cooperative investments, encouraging others to pool talents for the greater good of a person, company, mission, etc.

Don’t forget to invest your heart along with your time, money, and talents. Give wholeheartedly, without reservation, and give because you truly care. If you invest your heart too, then you will receive immediate nontangible emotional rewards, and your attitude and example may just turn out to be intrinsic investments: Click Here to Read “When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking”.

***Note there is no need for a disclaimer with these tips 😉

Share your thoughts. What are your Rock Solid Investments?

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