Invest in YOUR Success: Attend #ICON14 this April!

#ICON14 - Invest in YOUR Success |Infusionsoft User Conference | InfusionConI am…
an Infusionsoft customer.

a certified Infusionsoft partner.
a former Infusionsoft employee.
a daily Infusionsoft user.

I must confess…I have a “thing” for Infusionsoft. I know it sounds geeky, but this sales & marketing software stole heart when I started working for Infusionsoft in May of 2008. To put a spin on one of my favorite lines from the movie Jerry MacGuire, “they had me at automation.” You see, before I went to work at Infusionsoft, I had experienced the typical small business pains: too much work + too little time + not enough resource = chaos.

Let me be honest with you. Since I left Infusionsoft in July 2012 to follow my own small business dreams, I haven’t been able to attend ICON (formerly InfusionCon).  I’ve been “on the road” for one reason or another. I felt so cheated! I know I missed out on fantastic speakers, new ideas, and incredible content.

I CAN go to #ICON14 and  I.  AM.  SO.  EXCITED!

You see, although I already know quite a bit about online marketing strategy and Infusionsoft, I also know there’s more to learn…a cool new feature, an interesting twist on an old strategy, a new plugin technology, and more. I can’t wait to attend #ICON14! I absolutely plan to invest in my success, and YOU should invest in yours too.

Here are 3 reasons you absolutely must make time for #ICON14:

1. Infusionsoft Master Minds

At #ICON14, you will get access to the Incredible Infusionsoft Insiders. These Infusionsoft smarties (employees and partners) will be swarming the Phoenix Convention Center. They’ll teach from the stage, train 1 on 1, answer questions, and direct you to the resources you need. The Infusionsoft peeps LOVE to help small businesses succeed, and they will help you too.

2. Top Marketing Strategy

Two words: Seth Godin. Isn’t every entrepreneur one of his groupies? (I am!) When I was growing up, purple cows were totally uncool (“I never saw a purple cow. I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow, I’d rather see than be one!”). Now we all admire the purple, polka-dot, striped, and plaid “cows”, and we’re trying to find our own “style” of cow-dom.  We all want to be REMARKABLE! At #ICON14, you’ll learn ideas that work from well-respected keynote speakers AND from other small businesses that use Infusionsoft in powerful ways.

3. The Vibe

The air at #ICON14 will be filled with anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm. You’ll fall in love with your small business (and Infusionsoft) all over again.

As you…

  • network with other small business owners;
  • explore new tools & Infusionsoft apps;
  • and find partners to help you take your online marketing to the next level

…your internal spark will be fanned into a flaming fire again.

You’ll be totally exhausted at the end of the conference, but it’ll be a satisfying and exhilarating exhaustion, the kind that overcomes you after climbing a mountain. When you arrive at the summit, you take a deep, fulfilling breath and enjoy the view. #ICON14 will help you take your marketing and your business to the next highest peak.

It’s not easy to step away from the day to day responsibilities of running or working in a small business. Believe me…I can relate. There’s always something left undone on your (and my) to-do list. But you absolutely MUST invest time and money into your own success. You must attend #ICON14!

Find out more and register for #ICON14 >>

Have you attended an Infusionsoft user conference in the past? What did you get out of it? How did it improve your business?

(P.S. I’ll see you there!)

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