• Thoughts on Customer and Employee Loyalty

    On the way to work recently, I was listening to my favorite morning radio show. The hosts shared some commentary about an Internet story stating that Americans are more loyal to brands (like their favorite soda) than they are to their employer.

    Companies did not fare well when it comes to allegiance. Most Americans said they are more committed to their favorite soft drink than the company they work for.

    The poll by market research company Ipsos showed that the majority of Americans do not believe that companies are doing a good job rewarding loyal employees or customers.

    Only 55 percent of employees said they would stay at their job and turn down higher pay elsewhere, which suggests that 45 percent of workers would leave their job if offered a 10 percent hike in pay.

    “Employers have real issues,” Keiningham said. “This should be a wake-up call. The only way to grow your way out of a bad economy is to hold on to your customers and encourage both employee and customer loyalty.”

    So. How can companies earn employee and customer loyalty in an era of skepticism and low commitment? Although some companies try to use financial incentive to get loyalty, true loyalty cannot be bought or manufactured. In fact, in some cases financial reward can actually be detrimental, as demonstrated in the following video, The surprising truth about what motivates us.
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  • Marketing Magic from a Minor

    I love communication.  I love relationships.  I love marketing since marketing is the process of building a communication relationship with prospects and customers that fosters trust, respect, and loyalty.  This marketing stance will lead to much business success.  With today’s technology, businesses can make their follow up more consistent, strategic, and automated, while still sending messages full of integrity and heart.

    As I’ve helped small businesses launch their Infusionsoft marketing efforts throughout the last 2 years, I’ve seen my customers glow with excitement for developing a strong marketing strategy, and then, during the same conversation, they pale with the fear of writing a single follow up email message.

    Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not as hard as it seems.  I am here to share some “Marketing Magic from a Minor!” If my teenage daughter can quickly craft a successful marketing message, you can too.
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  • Great Expectations


    “the act or state of looking forward, anticipating”

    “a thing look forward to”

    “a prospect of future good or profit”

    The word “expectation” is a very relational and emotionally charged word. Expectations trigger hope; they imply pent up desires waiting to be fulfilled; they suggest give and take.  Expectations permeate every aspect of life – personal, professional, political, educational, etc. There is power in explicit or implied expectations, and significant impact in the consequences of met or unmet expectations.  The ability to effectively create, maintain, and meet expectations leads to achieving greater business and personal success.

    So, how do we manage expectations?
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