• Are You Engaging?

    Adjective:  winning; attractive; pleasing

    Verb:  to occupy oneself, become involved; to attract and hold fast;

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be engaging or to engage, and how success in life and business is often related to this very word.

    A person who is engaging (adj) is sure to be more successful in both business and personal relationships.  A winning spirit, an attractive character, and a pleasing manner (combined with expertise, skill, and savvy) will surely draw more customers, better employees, and encourage a cooperative relationship with business associates, competitors, and partners.

    I am working for a great company, Infusionsoft, and one of the requests we make of new customers is that they engage in a software setup process.  This practice makes so much sense because a new customer cannot succeed with their new system unless they actively interact  (become involved, occupy themselves)with it.   It is a great system and will produce results, when the customer engages.

    A person who engages (v) is more successful in every area of life. People who get involved, invest in others’ lives, work diligently, actively raise their families, cultivate friendships, and share their talents win more often and learn from losses.

    Share your thoughts.  Are you engaging?  How?