• Small Business Success – Closing The Right Loops

    I just finished reading, Loops – The Seven Keys to Small Business Success, which was written by one of my Infusionsoft customers, Mike Chaet, Ph.D. The premise is that small businesses must not only envision success, but must also take the actions needed to follow through – to “close loops.” The end goal being to develop a company with a strong service model that merits, fosters, and maintains long term customer satisfaction.

    I have been told that I am a “finisher” so the ideas of closed loops, actions that produce results, and seeing a plan through to resolution all appeal to me . . . I was very motivated to find out more about what Mike and his co-author, Stephen Lundin, Ph.D., had to say about this topic. Below is a combination of book summary and Dee’s “takeaways.” Even though the setting for Loops is a fitness club, the book explores models of excellence in multiple businesses; the concepts and applications are universal. I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
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  • An Ounce of Prevention . . .

    I’ve worked in customer-facing, service based positions since I was 16 – store clerk, receptionist, teacher, support, sales, consulting, and landlord / property manager; top notch customer service is extremely important to me.

    In many cases, the most severe customer service “plagues” can be so easily prevented when an organization recognizes the early symptoms and takes proactive measures to prevent an epidemic.  However, if left untreated, these seemingly subtle diseases can slowly cause great damage to customer loyalty and company reputation.
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  • Bound Up With Sincerity

    In early April, I posted an entry titled Yorkie Tales. Today I have another observation and application that comes from my recent experience grooming Honey.

    As you see in this video, Honey was not at all happy with the task at hand. She complained throughout the grooming process and at some points even sounds quite fierce. She was so funny in her huffiness that I had Bob take a video. While he was filming and when I was giving her a break from the “torture” she gives me a “kiss” even though I am obviously the cause of her discomfort.
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