Successful Small Business Owner…
Do You Need A Focused Marketing Expert to Help You Put Your Infusionsoft Vision Into Action?

Dee Allomong Small Business Marketing Expert with Infusionsoft Experience
Then let me introduce myself. I’m the gal who “wrote the book” on Infusionsoft. In 2011 and 2012, I created the articles in Infusionsoft’s online user guide…twice(!) I know the ins and outs of how Infusionsoft works. Even more importantly…I understand small business owners like YOU.

Launching marketing campaigns, integrating them with your sales strategy, and automating internal workflow is a bigger, more complex job than it seems. In my earliest days with Infusionsoft, I worked with hundreds of small businesses during their first few months as a customer. I understand the challenges!

These successful business owners had plenty of ideas. They were visionaries with ambitious goals and big picture plans. They were (and are) smart and talented people who took risks and loved building their businesses.

They were experts in their industries. But they hadn’t yet developed an automated marketing mindset.

Completing an Infusionsoft project requires a unique mixture of skills:

  • An ability to strategize and understand the target customer and how to talk with them.
  • A talent for creative communication so the marketing messages create a sense of connection.
  • A gift for organizing a plan that breaks the vision down into step by step, achievable goals and defines the best “order of operations.”
  • A strong understanding of Infusionsoft to translate a business vision into an automated marketing solution.
  • A “finisher” mentality that pushes through trials, solves problems, and comes up with viable alternatives, so you can cross the finish line…every time.

It’s tough to find all these skills in one person, so most of the time it takes a talented team to complete an Infusionsoft project.

…Or, it takes you and an expert partner who really knows what they’re doing.

  • Do you have a vision you want to build out in Infusionsoft?
  • Do you want expert guidance?
  • Do you need someone who can keep you focused and on track?

Then there are 2 ways I can help you…

You can sign up for
“13 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Infusionsoft Project”

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You can apply for my Checkered Flag service

Each month, I partner with one Infusionsoft small business customer to strategize and launch one project in Infusionsoft. I consult, implement, and provide creative direction. Find Out More >>